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The main objectives of the school are to fulfill all academic requirements of the students under one roof. To achieve this school starts at 8:30am and get over 3:15pm. So apart from completing the prescribed curriculum, there is ample time to engage in co-curricular and extra curricular activities. This also helps to engage the students productively in their spare time. Regular periods are allotted for these activities. The school works on the dictum that teaching too is a learning process. The school is sensitive to the needs of the students and teachers, we feel that the classroom should be a happy and inspiring place of interaction. Apart from academic activities, stress is on conversation, communication and interpersonal skills. The importance of emotional, social and thinking skills, dealing with stress and emotions in a positive manner is highlighted. Cultivating in the children the proper sense of self awareness, positive attitude along with the skills to command respect in society. Uncovering of one’s strong and weak points, creative thinking along with critical thinking would help in decision making and problem solving later in life. It is self awareness that leads to maturity in thought and action. Generally the student body is harmonious and responds to counseling in case of any form of conflict. This is important to realize the children learn faster if the children practically participate in physical phenomenon occurring before them .Also the learning experience should be enjoyable Our labs are well equipped and accessible to students under supervision. Apart from this technical and vocational knowledge is of utmost importance. We endeavor to council the students on careers possibilities to be considered. All head of department of different subjects are expected to enlighten the student of class IX onwards on the merit s of professions connected to their streams, through regular sessions. Finally our endeavor is that the child should grow up to be a contented and happy individual and lead a fulfilling life.