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Strength of the class is kept to a minimum and does not exceed 40 students. Regular use of educational toys, modern audio- visual equipment and other teaching aids to promote deeper knowledge to the students. These coupled with the efforts of trained English speaking teachers makes the process of learning for your children, an enjoyable experience.


For All Classes First Formative Assessment will be held in May. Second Formative Assessment will be held in August. First Summative Assessment will be held in September- October. Third Formative Assessment will be held in November. Fourth Formative Assessment will be held in January- February. Second Summative Assessment will be held in March. The Long proximity in school will enhance the qualities of peaceful co- existence disciplined behavior and social consciousness in the students. No homework will be given to the students in the primary classes except in exceptional cases. In the middle classes such homework will be given that the child may complete on his own without help, No tuitions or extra help at home will be required. By this the child is supposed to develop a sense of sincerity towards his academics. In case the child is found to be weak, free remedial classes will be provided to the student. The school is child- centric; the welfare of the child is of utmost importance. Parents and students are encouraged to share their problems with the school, so that solutions can be found. School can e approached any time in school hours and also though child’s almanac and via telephone.


The school follows all norms prescribed by the CBSE and follows the CCE method of evaluation. The class environment is non- threatening and teachers are required to make the lesson interesting, participatory and interactive with lots of questions being asked from both sides. Emphasis is given to model making and projects. Ample use is made of the internet and u- tube for conducting smart classes. Students are encouraged to freely access the library and use the science labs and computer lab under suitable supervision. The school subscribes magazines for the use of the children. Houses and Clubs Along with regular classes the students engage in extra- curricular and co curricular activities like field games, indoor games, art craft, quiz, story- telling, dance drama, quire and various club activities like health, eco club heritage club and integrity club. The student body is divided into four houses, Hriday, Ekta, Laksh and Prayas which stands for four letters of the word HELP. First, this enables all children get a chance to participate in activities conducted by the school. Second the house system also inculcates in the students a sense of healthy competition. Third, The system of clubs also permits vertical exposure among the students to various activities so that juniors can learn from their seniors and lends a sense of belonging and family.


The Registration fees and Admission Fees are taken one time. Annual Fees which include Computer fees, library fees, almanac, craft and activity fee, Report card, prize distribution. Generator, first aid, smart class (audio- visual), functions and festival fees. Monthly tuition fees include tuition fee, lab charges, sports and games fees, electricity and fan and maintenance and development. Fees are taken for all twelve months. Fees become due on the first of every month and are payable upto the tenth of the month to HDFC Bank Bilari or school office. In case of late payment, the fees may be paid next month by paying an additional fine of Rs. 50/-. Fees once paid is not refundable. Part payment of fees is not accepted.


In Case all school dues are not cleared y the end of the month, the name of the child will not be included in the rolls for the next month. The Principal is empowered to ask for the withdrawal of any student either in the interest of the academy or in the students own interest. Transfer certificate will be issued after receipt of application for the same after all school dues have been cleared.