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About Us

The main objectives of the school are to provide all academic requirement of the students under one roof. As the school is situated in a town which cannot boast of facilities of a city, the endeavour of the school is to provide all academic equirements in one camp-us and congenial atmosphere for the overall development of the student-physically mentally intellectually and spiritually The school provides adequate time to the children and the staff to easily fulfill the curriculum requrements. it lands focus to the work at hand as the children need not go elsewhere for any problem solving and productively engages their spare time. The reduces the exposure of children to TV and other other non-productive activities. After school, by the time the child reaches home family members are free from their daily chores and can give the child quality time and the child can inculcate their sanskars Strees is on spoken English and the children are expected to be able to express themselves in oral English by the time they are in class 4. Developing their per-sonality in a multi faceted way is essential. Apart from academic credentials, stress is on conversation skills,communication skills and interpersonal skills.The importance of emotional skills in life - dealing with emotions,dealing with strees, self awareness are por-perly emphasized. it is necessary to have the proper values,attitudes, life skills and thinking skills to command respect in society. Discovery of ones strong and weak points, crerative thinking along with critical thinking and problem soloving and decision making leading to selfareness. indulging in hobbies, co-curricular activities creative and literary activities are useful in any profession taken up later Exposure to all these aspects of life lead to a happy and fulfilling life later. The students are graded on these skills every year. Regular periods for ; extra-curricular activities like Library, Sports, Music, Art Craft, hobby Classes and computer classes and computers are heid. These along with the study of subjects ensure a balanced growth of your wards personality.


Rules of the school are available in the student’s almanac and the students and parents are expected to adhere to them. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Students are required to be well behaved at all times and most of them are. Disciplinary action for bad behavior is normally not required, the students respond to counseling. The students must appear in neat and clean uniform, and must conform to a certain standards of personal hygiene. Clothes must be loose fitting for both students and teachers. Tight and revealing clothes are banned on campus. Regular attendance is a must. Irregular attendance defeats the purpose of schooling and students not having 75% attendance may be debarred from their assessments and promotion. The bags were retained in school on week days. Students carry their Almanac, Tiffin, Pencil Boxes and learning assignments home in the carry bags. Full bags are sent home only on week ends and during holidays.


Admission will be granted on first come basis. Minimum age is for admission is six and a half for class 1 as on 1st April of the new session. A pre- admission test and transfer certificate from the previous school is mandatory for admission to higher classes and admission will be given after the selection process. The child will be tested for written and oral skills in English Math’s and Hindi. The Principal is empowered to refuse admission on her discretion.